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Frequently Asked Questions & Cancellation Policy

Do I need to prepare or bring anything to my first treatment?

No need to prepare or bring anything to your treatment. I'll be there to guide you through your treatment and answer any questions. Try to leave any jewellery at home, and perhaps pop on some loose clothes for your own comfort at the end of the treatment.

What should I expect from my first session?

A massage is nothing to worry about if you haven't received one before. It's a time for you to relax and be pampered by a specialist.
You'll simply be asked to lie on the massage table and relax. We may spend time working on specific areas of tension that you have informed us about during your consultation. Always let your therapist know if there is any discomfort during the treatment, or indeed if you would like to go over an area again.

Is my tension / pain expected to go after 1 session?

Tension in the body is built up over many years, so it may take a couple of sessions, or even a regular monthly appointment to reduce your aches and pains. You'll be provided with advice from your therapist, dependent on your individual needs at the end of your first treatment.

How often do you recommend to get a massage?

Frequency of a massage is different for every person. It depends on the reasons for wanting a massage, amount of tension in the body, which areas we're targeting and your own budgeting factors. Your therapist will provide you with a recommendation following your first appointment, but the decision is always yours.

Does it hurt?

Only if you want it to! It is completely your choice how much pressure the therapist uses. If you simply wish for a relaxing experience, or are nervous in any way, inform your therapist at the start of your treatment. It may be that you want to choose a strong massage pressure to target your tension. The therapist will discuss this with you before starting, but make sure to let us know at any point during the massage if you wish for the pressure to be altered.

Can a massage be used to target a specific health condition or muscle injury?

You should always check with your doctor that it is safe to have a massage if you have a health condition. There are some main benefits of massage that could help your condition, but this is not a guarantee and should always be checked with your doctor.  For example; blood pressure, reducing sciatica pain, digestion, hair growth, skin health, decrease in anxiety / depression and muscle relaxation. Let us know ahead of your treatment so that we can target any areas of concern.

How do a book a spa party or group booking?

These will need to be booked manually by contacting Vicki on 07889538264. Check the treatment list to see what treatment you would each like, and provide these in a message to Vicki. We recommend booking this 1-2 months in advance where possible.

How is payment taken?

A £10 deposit is taken upon booking, which is non-refundable. The remaining balance can be paid as cash or bank transfer on the day.
For any group bookings of 3 or more people, a 50% deposit is required upon booking. 

How do I reschedule or cancel an appointment?

All bookings require a non-refundable deposit. If you reschedule with less than 72 hours notice, your deposit will be lost. Deposits will be lost for any cancellations. For a 'no-show' where you fail to notify us and do not turn up to the appointment, we reserve the right to request full payment of the treatment. If you have any signs of being sick, you will need to reschedule your appointment and the above terms still apply. Contact Vicki on 07889538264 to cancel or reschedule.

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