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About Us

Hi, I'm Vicki your local Doula, helping you to prepare and plan for the birth of your baby. 

Doulas are known for providing 1-2-1 care for an expectant mother, being by your side as you navigate the magical experience of giving birth to your baby. Essentially providing emotional and physical support so you have someone to turn to who can listen to you, empathise with you, help you to make informed decisions and feel supported as you plan the labour of your dreams. 

A Doula is there to ‘mother the mother’. Essentially we support you to birth your baby wherever and however you wish. We do not replace any chosen medical teams. We work with an expectant family to assist in the run up to, during and after birth.

Things I can offer as your Doula:

  • Pregnancy support

  • Birth preparation & planning

  • Providing research & evidence based information on your choices

  • Breathing, visualisation & relaxation techniques

  • Aromatherapy, massage, reflexology , rabozo, plus pain relief & comfort measure options during both pregnancy & labour

  • An ear to listen to you & provide emotional support

  • Support in the run up to birth & during labour

  • An advocate in your corner to support your birth choices

  • Help to de-brief your birth

We can offer a range of packages to suit you. Our full package involves 2 private antenatal meetings at your home, 1 holistic treatment, on call support over 1 month of your due date, attendance &support at the birth, 1 post natal visit, plus a luxury aromatherapy gift bag chosen for you to support your labour.

Based in Widnes but will travel to you.

If you'd like to hear a little more about how a Doula can help you, if you want a free chat or just to be pointed in the right direction of some extra information, please reach out.

Message Vicki to enquire on 07889538264

Love Your Labour: with Vicki the Doula
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Based in Widnes, Upton Rocks

Tel; 07889538264

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